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My Sculpture Stories

The following are brief abstracts about my sculptures...

Smash The Patriarchy

Smash The Patriarchy is a feminist reconceptualisation of the classic fairground game, Test Your Strength. This interactive sculpture portrays empowering feminist messages instead of numerical measurements to encourage and invite everyone to have a go and swing it like a girl!


Reminiscent of the melting watches in Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory (1931), Duration presents a different kind of time that spins and swirls, turning both forwards and backwards. The heterogeneous movement of this time expresses the distinction that art is an experience.


These functioning lampposts stand upright as representations of the patriarchal laws of linearity and enlightenment. The title Obscurant is deliberately chosen to critique patriarchal history for hindering feminine visibility by preventing her expression from becoming known.


Contrasting the linear drip on the One chair, the drips melting in different directions on the Other chair resist the gravity of this world in a desire for a different one. The distance between them marks the creative journey we must take in order to create difference.


Breakthrough is a melting wooden fence that brings into play the concept of the patriarchal One and the feminine Other in order to investigate their co-existence and possibilities for difference. The Other side resists the gravity of our world in a desire for different world.


Downfall explores the notion of the impossible Utopia by presenting the unreachable perfect top step. It encourages us to interpret a feminist Utopia in proximity to the world we live in, and challenges us to break the glass ceiling to create access for all.


As a site specific installation within a white cubed space, Collapse is a critique of the idea of the prestigious gallery and the inequalities that persist within the art world. Although inspired by dystopian landscapes, its shelter provides refuge for the idea of art as transformative.


Meltdown reflects upon the idea of our society collapsing and was created in reaction to the London riots in 2011. As a site specific installation, Meltdown expresses a dystopian landscape by representing the breakdown of society in the form of the car park melting.

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