by Hollie Mackenzie

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 I am engaged in a feminist artistic practice of resistance. By sculpting into a material that could be considered masculine, USUALLY wood, I explore a process of melting. This is to convey a transformation of the mechanics of solids (privileged by Western phallogocentric culture to the extent that it symbolises Man's isomorphic sexual imaginary) into the dynamics of fluids (which concerns the features of a female sexual imaginary). By writing myself (Cixous 1976) within the wood, I attempt to bring out the drips or droplets from the readymade piece of wood in order to recreate the readymade with feminist sensibilities. Through this process of melting wood, I carve out a critique of the patriarchal history of art (or rather, the history of power) where women have not been able to fully express themselves or their own pleasure. By subverting a labour tradItionally considered masculine and creating art with feminist sensibilIties, I propose that we can all have equality of the imagination. 

 I am also a phd candidate in political and social thought in the politics and ir department at the university of kent, canterbury. 

Thesis title: 'A Schizo-revolutionary Labial Art-Politics' 

Supervised by: Dr Iain MacKenzie (Senior Lecturer in P&IR at Kent) and Anna Cutler (Director of Learning and research at Tate).


General research interests:
· Feminism (Feminist Killjoy (ahmed), decolonisation (lugones, Mohanty), intersectionality (Crenshaw), Sexual Difference Feminism (Irigaray, Braidotti, Olkowski))

· Queer Time (Halberstam)

· Poststructuralism (Deleuze and Guattari)
· Modern/Contemporary Art and Aesthetics 
· Intersections between Philosophy, Art and Aesthetics (Zepke)
· Critical, creative and Experimental Pedagogy 

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