What’s more absurd than melting wood? The Patriarchy! 


In my feminist artistic practice of sculpting, I explore a unique process of melting wood. I carve into readymade pieces of wood to bring out the flows and drips to transform the solid pieces of wood into fluid pieces of art. This creative process of transformation is fueled with the challenge to recreate the readymade with feminist sensibilities. Given the male orientated history of sculptors that has spread into contemporary carpentry trades, I choose to use wood as my medium within a feminist artistic practice to breakthrough that tradition. By reinventing a labour traditionally represented as masculine (sculpting), I carve out a challenge to the traditional ideas of the “master” artist, and propose that we can all have equality of the imagination. 


But can art really make a difference? Can art incite societal change?


I explore these questions through a playful and artistic engagement with political theory, while simultaneously investigating the role political theory has in inspiring, guiding, and stimulating my artistic practice of resistance. I am inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s notion of the encounter that incites thought, and Luce Irigaray’s feminist theory that expresses a new and non-patriarchal model of difference. By positing the artistic encounter as a transformative experience, I look at how art can reveal our conditions for thought and invite us to critically reflect upon how creativity might bring about its transformation and the creation of a different world. 

 I am a Doctor in Political and Social Thought and a Lecturer in Art and Graphic Design at West Kent College. My art practice and publications explore a feminist philosophy of a schizo-revolutionary labial art-politics and critical pedagogy. I have been awarded multiple art awards and have received a teaching prize for my creative and experiential pedagogy. I was the Lead Artist for the MA in Politics, Art and Resistance (University of Kent) in the Fairground at Tate Exchange (2017). 

My PhD was passed without revision by Rosi Braidotti (Professor of Humanities at Utrecht University) and Maria Drakopoulou (Professor of Law at the University of Kent). I was supervised by Iain MacKenzie (Reader in P&IR at Kent) and Anna Cutler (Director of Learning and Research at Tate).


General research interests:
·Feminism (Braidotti, Haslanger, Irigaray,

Olkowski, Grosz)    

·Intersections between feminism, critical race 

theory and postcolonialism (Ahmed, 

bell hooks, Crenshaw, Lugones, Mohanty)

·Queer studies (Butler, Halberstam)

·Poststructuralism (Deleuze and Guattari)

·Intersections between Philosophy, Art and Aesthetics (Zepke)
·Critical, creative and experiential pedagogy (Semetsky)

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