A Feminist Dwelling

A Feminist Dwelling is constructed as a large labial installation that invites participants into a comforting enclosed space decorated with vagina flowers, through an opening that symbolises the two labial lips. Once inside and comfortable, participants are encouraged to engage with some empowering and challenging audio-visual material related to feminism, and then express any thoughts, feelings, and reflections on a vagina flower to place on the blue shore surrounding the feminist dwelling. Inspired by Sara Ahmed’s Killjoy Survival Kit, A Feminist Dwelling is built as a shelter to empower and care for ourselves from within patriarchal and capitalist social spaces, in order to stay sharp and

Not One / To Be Two Statement

Not One / To Be Two was created, and has featured in all LEP workplayshops, as a response to the marketised and hypermasculine environment of the academic institution. Not One / To Be Two is an enclosed art installation that is exhibited within the clinical and hierarchical spaces of the academic institution. These spaces not only express the corporate institutional processes that capture social spaces and create the conditions for the production of a capitalistic subjectivity, they also express the hypermasculine environment of the academic institution that produces a subjectivity which is aligned with the interests of patriarchy. With the aim to challenge these conditions, Not One / To Be

My Sculpture Stories

The following are brief abstracts about my sculptures... Smash The Patriarchy Smash The Patriarchy is a feminist reconceptualisation of the classic fairground game, Test Your Strength. This interactive sculpture portrays empowering feminist messages instead of numerical measurements to encourage and invite everyone to have a go and swing it like a girl! Duration Reminiscent of the melting watches in Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory (1931), Duration presents a different kind of time that spins and swirls, turning both forwards and backwards. The heterogeneous movement of this time expresses the distinction that art is an experience. Obscurant These functioning lampposts stand upright as repre

by Hollie Mackenzie

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