Out of Sight - Wilkinson’s Car park, Bournemouth

17/09/11-24/09/11 "This September forty art students from the Arts University College at Bournemouth cordially invite you to an eclectic and bold exhibition in reaction to the alternative exhibition space, exploring the relationship between contemporary art and its setting. With an unused underground car park as its gallery walls, Out of Sight investigates the resilience and flexibility of art, and the need for its development with supporting communities in unorthodox circumstances: an appreciation for the otherwise overlooked in the chosen location, compliments the political provocation of the role of
the outsider in society and rebellion against industry precepts. Through the playful, the

The idea of using the Golden Ratio

I used this idea as the perfect number of the running recorded time in which I would take a still shot of the lava lamp film I recorded. As the installation is of part of the carpark melting, it is a comment on our present society and at that time the London riots had started and I felt as though it was transforming into a dystopia. Thus using the golden ratio as the perfect number, the still shot would be the perfect image for the installation to convey this and the idea of the continuous failure in the search for utopia. My Workings: Film of lava lamp = 1:12:26 Golden ratio = 1.61803399 52:04 13.06mins to 66mins/1hr, 6mins the golden ratio of the lava movement

Lava lamp fluid

Screen shots taken from film recording I took of a Lava Lamp in motion. I am interested by the movements and fluidity of the shapes created by the heated wax. How these abstract shapes look organic and also figurative. When watching the shapes, I felt myself believing that they were characters and had their own personality.

Wilko’s Exhibition Proposal

Wilkinson Carpark Site specific art proposal I am going to create a site specific installation in which will distort the landscape of the underground car park. The installation will be a sculptural version of my paintings. It will consist of bubble like shapes suspended in varying positions, reflecting that of the motion of the melted wax in a lava lamp. Implying that the walls, floor and ceiling of the car park are melting away, changing the landscape. However, the installation remains still in its transformation from one reality landscape to a fantasy landscape, as this fantasy landscape it is merging into cannot exist in reality. The installation pieces will be mirrored, reflecting our la

Meltdown install

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Photograph was originally taken on 15th September 2011.

Meltdown initial sketches/plan

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Sketches were originally done in August 2011.

Lava lamp shapes observation

Fluid movement. Abstract shapes. Many connotations. Natural, figurative. No straight lines. Melting. Contrast of man-made object (lava lamp) to shapes/effects. *This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Sketches were originally done in August 2011.

Meltdown mock-up

Using Photoshop, I pasted and layered lava lamp shape images onto the exhibition space to play around with the layout and look.

by Hollie Mackenzie

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