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Feminist messages on Smash The Patriarchy

Here's an initial sketch of the high striker feminist messages.

The only difficulty I encountered during this process was to think of a short message that would capture the importance of feminism being intersectional. I began with a few that were mouthfuls: "acknowledge multi-layered facets of feminism"; "The future is intersectional feminism"; and "check your privilege". However, after many conversations with different friends and colleagues, my friend Conor suggested, "Decolonise Feminism!". Therefore, the confirmed messages for the high striker are as follows, in ascending order:

Say No to Gender Roles

Subvert Masculinity,

Shatter the Glass Ceiling,

Decolonise Feminism,

Swing It Like A Girl,

Be a Feminist Killjoy,

Pop the Patriarchy.

*Sketch was created on 2nd March 2017.

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