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LEP website and hashtag graffiti template

Using a Mylar 350 micron A4 sheet, Conor cut out the LEP website and hashtag ready for the template to be used to spray paint on the back of the canvas bags, t-shirts and journals.

Even though it was still difficult to cut, we found that the Mylar responded better and stayed in tact when cutting in letters rather than when cutting in the intricate LEP logo. Which also meant that we had to keep the surrounding A4 shape when spray painting, which often resulted in the letters being enclosed in a semi-opaque A4 sized rectangle. However, with this being the case, the A4 template collected different layers of spray paint on its surface(s) which produced a beautiful effect that was only achieved by randomness but thereby transformed the template into painting(s).

As both surfaces present each spray paint / process(es) they went through, Conor and I felt that the templates best represent the idea of the creative process of LEP as a whole and so we decided to hang them up during the playworkshop. The right side (first image) was presented at the entrance to Playtime I and the other side (second image) was presented at the entrance to Playtime II. The LEP logo template was also presented above the Banker's desk in Playtime I.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Template and graffiti canvas bags, t-shirts and journals were originally produced in August and September 2016.

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