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Editing Encounter

In order to exaggerate the downwards gravitational pull of the One drip, I sanded a dip into the chair seat above where the One drip falls. In addition to this dip, I varnished the sanded area with clear gloss to emphasise the illusion of the wood melting; and drilled a hole in the middle of the dip for a silver metal screw to go through and into the One drip underneath.

I chose to use a silver metal screw because the screw is a visual metaphor of the phallic. As such, it conveyed the idea that the phallic screw caused the wood to drip down in one area, manipulating the wood into following the same flow and gravity. Furthermore, as metal is a hard material, the screw also represented masculine tendencies of strength and domination. Moreover, the colour silver was selected over a gold screw for its colder image to present a contrast between the warmth of the flowing wood. This contrast could also bring into play the idea that any creative resistance is absorbed and commodified within the capitalist machine. (Which connects us to the Other chair with its multiple differing drips, that proposes each drip as a potential new and different creative line of flight).

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Encounter: One chair was originally edited on 4th September 2016.

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