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LEP balloons

We bought balloons to put inside the LEP party bags. However, these balloons became something entirely different (with massive thanks to Jess for the idea and the help!). Instead of the traditional birthday/party messages, we spray painted the LEP logo on one side of the balloon and wrote different political messages on the other. These messages were:

1. Pop the Patriarchy

2. Creatively Confront Capitalism

3. Burst the Banks

4. Relinquish Racism

5. Hit Homophobia


However, the spray paint reacted with the balloon material and caused it to turn brittle. As when we tried blowing the first balloon up to see what it looked like after the logo had dried, it popped!

All was not lost though, as we found that the brittle outcome produced something different for the party bag. The spray paint reaction had made the material contort, contract and crease; forming folds. This unexpected outcome took on the idea of the LEP logo as vagina and embodied it, in the most distinct and tactile way. We therefore took this element instead and presented them in little gift boxes inside the party bag.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. LEP balloons were originally done on 27th August 2016.

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