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Making the clock face

With the clock face, I wanted the numbers to appear as though they were melting themselves. In order to do that and make it look almost realistic, as though they were in the process of melting, not dried drips etc. I needed the droplets to look 3D/have body to them.

Through past experiences/experimentations, I am aware that: water based paint would produce flat matt drips once dried and bleed into the cartridge paper; oil paint would take too long to dry and bleed into the cartridge paper, but would be able to give me glossy drips; acrylic paint would be more suitable as it is plastic based, which means that it would not bleed too much into the cartridge paper and produce glossy effects however, it still would not be thick enough to produce the texture I needed. Therefore, I had to use 3D paint. This paint allowed enough fluidity to drip down the cartridge paper without bleeding into it or running too fast; enough body to create 3D drips; and enough gloss to give the drips a wet appearance.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Sketch and painting were originally done in August 2016.

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