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LEP I graffiti template

For LEP I, Conor and I designed and created 30 journals. Using a piece of A4 card, we cut out a template that we could use to spray paint over. Using various spray paints, Conor and I were able to create different designs/colours, making each journal different from the other.

The effect that Conor and I both liked best, was born out of a spontaneous moment during the activity of spray painting. As we were working different spray paints over the template for each journal we had begun to build up a number of different layers onto the template which eventually began dripping through/off the template. It occurred to us that we could turn the template upside down and print the painted side onto the next journal cover, in doing so we produced a different effect. It wasn't so much that this effect was just inverted and the words were back-to-front, it was more about the mix of different spray paint layers and how they blended with each other to form an almost unpredictable print on the journal's surface.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Template and LEP I journals were originally done in August 2015.

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