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Vagina bouncy castle (Initial sketches for Installation Not One/To Be Two)

Here are the initial sketches for the installation 'Not One/To Be Two'. The initial ideas involved creating a bouncy castle with an entrance in the shape of a vagina. However, this soon became impossible to make on my own and very expensive to make bespoke. Therefore, I had to start breaking the idea down by investigating into different feasible materials that could work instead of ordering a bespoke bouncy castle. This led me to swimming pool products such as lilos and noodles. Eventually I had a rough idea of how to create this idea, and as Conor and I started the process of making it, new and different materials came to mind that were needed and were selected to use throughout the creative process. This artistic process of selection is what, for me personally, made the installation art and not an online ordered bespoke bouncy castle.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Sketches were originally done in July 2015.

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