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Updated Downfall statement

As art could be described as an exploration into pushing the boundaries of known phenomenons; the aim of my sculptures is to call for an unknown, unthought and unsymbolised 'labial' language and space in this patriarchal society. By presenting something that is as out of the ordinary as melting wood in Downfall (2012), I am suggesting that we find the feminine ways and means of expression through art in order to establish feminine forms of symbolism and structures. My feminist artistic resistance begins by sculpting into a material that could be considered as masculine. Writing myself (Cixous) within the wood I perform my feminist resistance against masculine structures. As a fundamentally masculine labor, I assume my position as sculptor and combine it with my identity as a woman. Only then can one recreate masculine labours as feminine and begin women's journey to full emancipation and a purely egalitarian society.

Awarded the Dorset Visual Arts Award (2012), The Signature Art Prize: People’s Choice Award (2012), and recently the Winter Pride UK Art Award (2014), Downfall was also featured in October's The Sunday Times Style magazine as one of the favourites from The Affordable Art Fair 2012 exhibition in London.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Statement was originally edited on 6th August 2014.

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