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An Artist's Proposal (MA in Political Theory and Practices of Resistance)

Number of works submitted: One

Title of Work: 'Kant's Fence/'A Thousand Tiny Sexes'[1]

Medium: Pine wood

Size: 72'' (H) x 38'' (W) x 92cm (D)


First side of the fence: ‘Masculine side’

Pencil on Cartridge paper (29.7cm x 21cm)

Pencil on Cartridge paper (29.7cm x 21cm)

Second side of the fence: ‘Feminine side’

The Concept:

'Kant's Fence/'A Thousand Tiny Sexes'[1]' will take the form of a wooden garden fence which I will craft in such a way as to present the illusion of melting. This melting fence will infer the melting qualities of my last sculpture, 'Downfall'. However, the aim of this new and different sculpture is to push the limits of thought and sculpture itself to otherworldly possibilities. Therefore, I will sculpt the droplets to appear as though they are melting in different directions and angles as though they are resisting the gravity of this world in a desire for a different kind of gravity. This symbolic image could serve as a visual metaphor for what I am proposing as a desire and call for a different kind of world, one which could satisfy these otherworldly desires, and indeed, needs. Here I am speaking of feminine symbolic, language and social structures. Living within a patriarchal world controlled by phallic constructions, women cannot find the ways and means in which to fully express themselves and thus are constantly positioned as the subordinated/second sex[2].

[1] . Claire Colebrook, Gilles Deleuze. (London and New York: Routledge, 2002), 143.

[2] . Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex, (Paris: Editions Gallimard, 1949), 1.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Sketches were originally done in January 2013.

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