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Debating the question of whether or not to paint my staircase?

The varnish gives the wood a gloss / reflective surface.

The wood stain makes the wood appear darker.

The middle produces a mixture of darker gloss.

- I prefer this effect to the wood stain

- the gloss effect could represent the reflective surface similar to that of an icicle/ice watery reflective surface.

- However, I want to keep it pure and true to its material

- Indeed the staircase is meant to resemble a traditional staircase

- But the idea that the staircase is already half melted suggests that a lot of its original surface has melted away revealing the pure untouched bare naked raw wood - Therefore I am going to leave the staircase unpainted.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Photographs and text were originally done in April 2012.

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