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Wooden Spiral Stair Maquette

Using the instructions I printed off from for a general idea for a miniature stairs model, combined with the measurements I took of life-size stairs - divided by by 15 for the measurements on a 1:15 scale. Below is a paper practice template, I didn't take in the measurements taken up by the pole, so I had to make the circle bigger to keep the step width at 3.5inches.

Applying this method of measuring to the piece of thin MDF I had created 19 steps ready to be cut out. The dowel I picked for the stairs central pole, I measured and marked 0.46" in between upwards on the dowel to mark out where the steps will be placed.

Wood workshop

Using the bandsaw I cut out the 19 steps and drilled holes on the line of the inner circle for where the dowel will go through. I then drilled in smaller holes at the right-hand corners of the steps for the banister to be assembled.

By sliding the steps down though the dowel to the marked positions I then used a glue-gun to keep them stuck in position. The angle of the steps I dictated to be at the end of the one below.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Sketches and text were originally done in February 2012.

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