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Ace Joinery visit

Questioning how to construct 'Downfall', lead me to undertake some empirical observation. This is an important step in my journey of sculptor 'becoming-joiner'. Visiting the Company, 'Ace Joinery' in Hove, Brighton, I was able to observe the work and produce of carpenters and joiners and learn of the certain traditional and contemporary wood working techniques and methods they used. Amongst the products seen in working-progress were stairs, doors, balusters, and stringers (view images above). As a big functioning warehouse, the assumed long process of traditional wood crafting turned into fast processes of functional output. This could be seen in an example of how the staircases were made; as puzzle-pieces (see photograph of staircase above). Forming a quicker and more convenient way of constructing staircases, the presented mortise tenon slots offered me a feasible solution to the construction of 'Downfall'. As transportation is a factor which I need to consider when creating a sculpture, I plan to use this idea of puzzle-piece fixings in order to install and take down with less effort.

*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Photographs were originally taken in February 2012.

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