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Pupas installed in their natural environment

I have started experimenting with placing my cocoons in different locations and settings to see what reaction and feeling they would evoke. So I began with placing them back into their natural environment, to see the contrast between reality and fantasy, the natural and the unnatural.

By placing the cocoons in the attic in Behind Closed Doors, they created an eerie effect. The attic is an uninhabited place used for storage, therefore it is unusual and scary to see these cocoons inhabiting the space. Making you question them, why are they growing/living in this environment in which you wouldn’t find usually find them, were they placed here by some unknown source, why are they hidden in the attic?

Whereas by placing them within a cocoon’s natural environment in trees outside, I wanted to see what difference it made to their existence. Still the cocoons as objects are fanciful and unusual because of their large size and design, but they suited more naturally within this setting as that’s where you would usually find cocoons. Also they still evoked some of the same reaction, as to why they exist, and what are they?

However, I feel they didn’t create as much of an eerie reaction in the trees as they did in the attic due to the reasons above. This makes me question how I want them to be viewed and interpreted…

As a fake amusing prop? Or as a real serious living thing?

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