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how my paintings relate to the cocoons…

The characteristics of my current series of paintings mimic the properties of the construction of the cocoons i.e. they can resemble a crystalline surface. The patterns formed within my paintings can relate to this surface. The layering/perspectives within my paintings resemble the multiple translucent and meshlike layers of the cocoon case.

The chicken wire used to wrap around my sculptures represent the meshlike layer of the cocoon. The fabric I am using as the ‘skin’ is almost translucent, letting the lights shine through.

With my small cocoon prototypes, their case is made of various paper. The properties of paper being fragile is similar to the weak cocoon case.

The fabric will be sown onto the bigger cocoon armatures, with the threads left hanging, this will resemble the larval hairs that caterpillars shed and incorporate into the cocoon.

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