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Perbeck exhibition space (proposal)

The running theme throughout my practice is time and decay. Through this interest, I discovered a derelict abandoned building in Kent three years ago that became my fascination and core focus within my work. Since my discovery, my practice has developed with this subconscious theme and has reoccurred within my recent work.

My painting style relates to the representation of mould, portraying my reoccurring theme. In my current project I am creating a series of pupas (cocoons), of which their skin will be covered with my painting design. Pupation is a life stage in which insects enter dormancy in order to undergo complete metamorphosis, this relates to my theme of time.

My work would fit in within the setting of a derelict building space purely due to its running themes of time and decay and how it has metaphorically gone back to its roots: a derelict building being my original fascination and subject within my work. Therefore to have a derelict building exhibiting my cocoons will convey this cycle/process of my practice.

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