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Artist Statement (processing painting)

When I create my work, it becomes a kind of escapism for me, where my role as an artist is forgotten and replaced by that of an escapist. When making my work I find I drift off to somewhere in my head, to a different place and time. I escape into that moment of creating and there is nothing else but me and these obsessive mark makings I am drawing. When drawing around these stains, I feel I am drawing out the landscape hidden within the painting. However this imagery of splatters and colours contain nothing figurative or recognisable, it needs to be interpreted through a kind of poetic intervention. This is where I am creating my fantasy, my imaginary landscape that I am escaping to. I am using the notion of fantasy in its sense of escaping, for the viewer to forget everything, to empty their minds and gaze into this art I am offering. Their only focus will be this painting and how it is making them feel, reaching this meditational state is what interests me as the artist. This meditation I offer is my kind of escapism, my version of the fantasy. However this romantic fanciful creation conceals a kind of anxiety, through its mystery hides the horror. The fact that fantasy is fiction and there is no escape. This is the sublime within it, coming back to reality.

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