Encounter initial sketches and proposal for conference exhibition (Matter, Life and Resistance at the University of Kent)

May 16, 2013


Here is the idea: one 'labial'/rhizomatic melting chair, one slightly melting phallic chair. There will be a table in between the two chairs to present a distance, I have sketched it here to be melting also, but I have left this element of the design to be open incase there is not enough time to craft the melting table. So the table will be either melting or normal. 

I can say that this idea came to me after attending a lecture on Rancière. Where Rancière talks about the school master and the student...theatre and audience. Active and passive. Here I translated these concepts into my feminist practice resistance as phallic and labial. Incorporating the setting, being at a conference there is an element of hierarchy between the panel and the audience. Thus, in bringing all these aspects together I have the phallic chair which could represent the active schoolmaster/panel/audience; the table which could symbolise a learning process/space/distance; and a labial chair which could be the passive/labial/Rhizomatic way of thinking that we could call for through creativity in order to enter into a transcendental structure of learning/'becoming-woman'. In order to convey such conception I am thinking about enabling the viewer to sit upon the phallic chair where they can look down the table at the labial chair (sparking a certain Marina Abramović link?) which could bring into play the notions of active and passive and the role of the viewer as phallocentric and passive/(labial) through becoming part of the artwork...


*This blog post has been back-dated for continuity purposes. Skecthes and text were originally done in May 2013.

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